DDC-8 Certified Defensive Schedule Nov & Dec 2013

Stop  Preventable Collisions  and Save Lives

DDC-4 Certified Traffic School Schedule Nov & Dec

All DDC-4 Classes are Held From 4:45pm  until 9:00pm

Class Fee $50

All of these programs are both National Safety Council and State Certified. Please Call to schedule!





We offer programs in various other locations please call for information.



800-845-9060 (out of area only)


All DDC-8 are held on Saturday from 8:15 am until 5:00 pm

Class Fee $75


Tennessee Regional Safety Council

Dec 7th              1838 Elm Hill Pike, Ste 107    Nashville,TN

Dec 14th            531 South Brown St.             Springfield, TN

Dec 21st            Fairfield Inn & Suites             Cleveland, TN 

Dec 21st            1838 Elm Hill Pike, Ste 108     Nashville, TN

Dec 21st             Jonesboro Visitor Ctr            Jonesboro, TN

Dec 28th             220 Tulip Tree Drive              Shelbyville, TN

Nov  2nd            1838 Elm Hill Pike, Ste 107   Nashvlle, TN

Nov 9th             531 South Brown St.            Springfield, TN

Nov 9th              Fairfield Inn & Suites           Cleveland,TN

Nov 16th            1838 Elm Hill Pike, Ste 107  Nashville, TN

Nov 16th           Jonesboro Visitor Ctr          Jonesboro, TN    

Nov 23rd            220 Tulip Tree Dr.                Shelbyville, TN

Friday                Nov 8th                     300 Hillsboro Blvd                                Manchester, TN

Tuesday            Nov 5th                     Hampton Inn & Suites                         Springfield, TN

Tuesday            Nov 12th                   531 South Brown St.                           Springfield, TN

Thursday           Nov 21st                   1838 Elm Hill Pike, Suite 107                Nashville, TN

Tuesday            Dec 3rd                     Hampton Inn & Suites                         Springfield, TN

Friday                Dec 6th                     300 Hillsboro Hwy                                Manchester, TN

Tuesday            Dec 10th                   531 South Brown St.                            Springfield, TN

Thursday           Dec 19th                   1838 Elm Hill Pike, Ste 107                   Nashville, TN